Guide in a famous Japanese game “Pachinko”


Pachinko is a famous Japanese game that can be defined as a mix between slots and pinball. The gameplay is very similar to pinball, however, the goal is to win money just like in slots. It was invented around the time of World War II, when Japan banned any type of arcade. However, Pachinko managed to bypass this prohibition thanks to its particular way of playing and winning prizes. Unknown throughout the world, Pachinko is one of the industries that moves the most money in Japan.

The variety of machine themes is really great, there are all kinds, but they all work in a similar way. In this article we are going to explain the game dynamics of Pachinko, something very easy to understand. Since it was initially invented as a game for children. We will also see what the main objective is and what prizes can be won.

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Pachinko is the perfect mix between a slot machine and a pinball machine. Unlike these, the Pachinko machine is vertical. The player sits frontally on the stool that all machines have. The money is inserted into a slot in the upper left part and some metallic balls come out through a hole placed in the lower part. These fall into a kind of shallow rectangular tray.

The game consists of introducing these little balls into the machine, so that they bounce and go through a kind of “doors” with which we get prizes. To do so, we will have a regulator with which we control the output force of the balls. If the steel balls fall down, we will lose them for good.

If we manage to get a ball into these doors, we will earn more steel balls that will fall into our tray. In case it fills up, we will have to call an employee to bring us an empty one. The balls won can be used to continue playing in Pachinko or exchanged for prizes. The more balls we have, the higher prizes we can get.


As we said at the beginning of the article, in Japan game rooms and betting are prohibited in general. However, and although it is evident that it is like a type of slot machine, Pachinko has managed to break this law through an ingenious prize system.

Once we finish our game session, we will press a button called “Yobidashi Botan” for an employee to come. We will inform you that we have finished playing. It is also very common to cross your arms in an X shape to say that your Pachinko session is over.

We will accompany the employee to a machine that counts the balls we have accumulated. When he finishes, he prints a ticket indicating the number of balls we have obtained. With this ticket we can go to a kind of store that is in the game room. In this store we can exchange our ticket for all kinds of prizes.



Once we have our ticket with the number of balls won in the Pachinko, we will go to a store where money is not valid: we can only buy with this kind of ticket. In this store there is absolutely everything, from stuffed animals, video consoles or televisions to food, drinks or anything else you can imagine.

Pachinko tickets can only be redeemed on the same day that we have won them. Once the time has passed, it expires. Each product has a different cost, the better it is, the more balls we will need. It is a kind of currency of exchange.

We can keep the prizes or we can also sell them in nearby stores that are dedicated to it. This usually happens especially with electronic products and household appliances. So take advantage of everything that Pachinko has for you.

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