Blackjack card counting tips

card counting tips

Carrying out this technique can become a real headache. However, with our tips you will be an expert in blackjack card counting:

The first and most important thing is that you understand that it is not a perfect method. However, it can help you to be more successful in your bets. This can be very easy for some people, but difficult for others. Our advice is that you practice it so that you gain experience and get the most out of your money.

You will require a medium/high budget to play blackjack for real money.

Play as naturally as possible so the casino doesn’t catch your count. This also means that you shouldn’t suddenly make large bets, as this may arouse suspicion.

Knowing how to count cards gives you a chance of between 0.5% and 1.5% advantage against the dealer. This translated into money can become a very high number. So our advice is to become an expert in this technique.


Blackjack card counting

Blackjack card counting in land-based casinos is legal. However, casinos try to prevent this technique from being carried out because the house has to lose. If they discover you, they can kick you out and ban you from their facilities for life.

On the other hand, online blackjack card counting is not possible. The reason is simple, the mixing machines have a random system and do not follow a logical order. This technique cannot be applied in live blackjack either. It is true that we have a real dealer with physical cards, but they are shuffled to prevent you from applying any method.

We clarify that this method can only be done in physical casinos, as long as the dealer is the one shuffling. Because if it is a software that does it, blackjack card counting is useless.

Finally, you have to know that you will not be a professional in this technique overnight. For this reason, preparation is essential before applying it in a real game. If you learn to count blackjack cards well, your chances of succeeding in the casino will be very high.

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