Some tips for your handicap bets

handicap bets

When placing your bets, you should keep in mind some issues that will help you improve the chances of winning. Always keep in mind that not all the bets you make are going to win and this is part of the process.

  • Stay well informed.
  • Do not underestimate the opponent.
  • Do not overdo the bets.

Stay well informed

Before placing a bet, it is good that you seek information regarding the duel that you are about to witness. Situations often occur in training or extra-sports that can change the course of the game as a familiar issue with one of the players. Also, it is likely that a player will be injured or suffer in the run-up to the match and this will make the match even more unbalanced or, on the contrary, even out. You must be very attentive to all the information surrounding the match as this can be the key between winning or losing.

Do not underestimate the rival

high odds

Beyond looking for unbalanced games to place your handicap bets, keep in mind that in professional sports many factors play a role. No matter how unbalanced the match is, you should keep in mind that all the players standing on the court or sitting on the bench have dedicated a large part of their lives to this sport and are capable of taking advantage of random errors at any time. So it is possible that the differences, although they seem many, are not so much.

  So don’t try to make an exaggeratedly high odds through the handicap, because you will be increasing the risk unnecessarily and what was previously a relatively easy bet can turn out to be a loser.

Don’t overdo the bets

As with all bets, one of the most important things is that you stay as lucid as possible. There are several factors that you must take into account and it is much easier to see the details when you are fresh and without unnecessary pressure. Therefore, it is important that you dedicate little time to betting, but that it be quality time.

  If possible, try to maintain maximum concentration when you are going to position your bet and then start doing something else. It is not necessary that you spend all day waiting for a single forecast.

What do the plus (+) and subtraction (-) signs mean in the handicap?

The signs are what determine if the points are added (+) or subtracted (-). In case of using a handicap of +3.5, what you are doing is that 3.5 points are going to be added to the team you chose in the final result. On the contrary, if you choose a handicap of -3.5, what you would be doing is subtracting the points from the chosen team at the end of the match.

Why place handicap bets on basketball?

handicap bets on basketball

Handicap bets will allow you to modify the odds offered by casinos, such as Betway, William Hill or TonyBet, as well as the chances of winning. Both variables are strongly related and if you increase one you decrease the other. However, through handicap betting you can modify the odds to find the best win/risk ratio. Just as there are various betting strategies, this is one of the strategies that bettors most decide to do.

  You can make this type of bet in the most even matches, where you will normally have odds of almost 50% and there is no clear winner. Although handicap bets are more risky in even matches, it is a way to improve the odds.

  Also, you can use it in matches where the teams are very unbalanced and there is a clear winner, but with a very low fee. In this case, it is much more logical to use this type of bet. Since it is expected that there will be a relatively easy victory and the only thing that is being wanted to evaluate is the difference in points.

Should you make handicap bets on basketball?

Yes, it suits. In general, it is better to do them in very unbalanced matches in order to improve the odds or the chances of winning. It is preferable not to make this type of bet in even matches since this would imply a little more risk. However, if you want to do it, it is an opportunity to increase the quota.

Can you only bet with handicaps in basketball?

No, there are different types of bets that you can place on basketball games. Handicap bets are just one of them. Other bets that you can make are the total bets, where you can bet if more or less than a certain number of points will be scored. Also, you can bet on whether the game will go to extra time or not, among others.

Can I only bet on the final result?

No, you can also place handicap bets for quarters or half of the match. In either case, the logic is the same. You will always be increasing or decreasing the number of points of one or the other and, with this, you will be modifying the quota and your chances of winning.

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